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02/09/2022 - 19:07

Phd Program Alumni

  • Serkan Şahin (2013)

Thesis Title: "Overconfidence and Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets"

Advisor: Ozlem Ozdemir

  • Naime Usul (2017)

Thesis Title: "Affect-based Motivation in Investment Decisions"

Advisor: Ozlem Ozdemir

  • Özge Dinç (2018)

Thesis Title: "Empirical Investigation on the Determinants of Organic Food Purchasing Behavior"

Advisor: Ozlem Ozdemir

MSc Program Alumni

  • Kübra Gürallar (2019-2021)

Thesis Title: "Lying individually or in a game in the presence of norm enforcer"

Advisor: Mürüvvet Büyükboyacı

Placement: METU PhD

  • Merve İntişah (2019-2022)

Thesis Title: The Role of Random Noise on Effort in Group Contests

Advisor: Mürüvvet Büyükboyacı

Placement: METU PhD